About Us

AAP VietNam was established in 2017 as a company that shares its ability and expertise to other potential resellers around the world that require short, fast and quality manufacturing of their own apparel product lines.

We are a dedicated company that has been producing Christening wear and other small product apparel lines for the international export market since 2008. We work closely with Australian brands such as Delicate Elegance and My Boy as the sole production company in creating their exclusive and highly regarded christening wear.


The team of AAP Vietnam PTY LTD have received professional training from an Executive Italian Designer, Filomena, who is highly regarded by all in the AAP team. Our team has the skill set to understand design aesthetics as well as the technical ability to understand your wants and needs.

We are able to communicate effectively in the following languages:

- English

- Italian

- Vietnamese

To us language is no barrier as today’s technology such as Google Translate allows us to communicate effectively.

We look forward in receiving your interests. Whether that be full apparel lines, apparel marketing items or embroidery ideas, we are here to help you in anyway we can to help your business thrive.

The team at AAP VietNam pledge full support in all the product lines we produce now and into the future.

“Product Excellence”